Strategic Research Fund

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has created the Strategic Research Fund (SRF).  The Implementation of activities under the SRF had taken.
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Tender Procedures

The Purchasing and Supply Unit in the Ministry buys goods and services through tenders and or quotations depending on their value.  Currently anything below K---- quotations are obtainable from suppliers and evaluated within the Ministry with the final approval from the Ministerial Tender Committee.  Anything of the value of K----- or above is made through an open or public tender.

The Zambia National Tender Board, in this series of Procurement Guidelines, has codified and issued the existing procurement procedures and practices in Zambia to assist Government and parastatal institutions carry out procurement in a consistent and efficient manner. The guidelines are applicable to all public sector procurement and derive their authority from the Zambia National Tender Board Act, Cap 394 of the Laws of Zambia and any Regulations made there under.

Tender Notices
The advertisement of tender is done by the Purchasing and Supply Unit through the Ministerial Tender Committee and the notice includes:

*     Time and place where tender documents are obtainable.
*     Time, place, date and mode of submission of application as well as opening of tender.
*     The right of management for acceptance or rejection of tenders.
*     Detailed description of goods and services and estimated quantities

Publicity of Tender Notices
Open or public tenders are advertised in the leading newspapers, Website and Government Gazette through the Zambia National Tender Board in accordance with the statutory act.  Adequate time of about six weeks (this may vary according to the nature of the items) is provided in the tender notice so that suppliers may participate.  These tenders are open to all inclusive of foreign suppliers.

Kindly find Guideline documents for download in PDF format:

* PART ONE: Formal Tenders in the Procurement of Goods and Services
* PART TWO: Formal Tenders in the Procurement of Consultancy Services
* PART THREE: Formal Tenders in the Procurement of Works
* PART FOUR: Informal Tenders Procurement
* PART FIVE: General Conditions of Contract
* PART SIX:  Guide to Supplier Registration

(Please note: while the downloads are free you will be required to pay a fee for the tender forms during submission).

Kindly find Tender document for download in PDF format:

* PART ONE: Tender Application Form



Youth Inventors Fund

The Government has created a fund to be known as the Youth Inventors Fund. The Funds will be uesd to finance innovations by the youth that can be commercialised with specific focus on inovations that will be relevant to wealth and employment Creation.
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